The Big Question…Why?

I have been contemplating the start of this site for some time given the uncertain nature of society today…politically, economically, culturally, and so on.  Essentially I spend the majority of my day locked in a cubicle for a medium to large sized manufacturing company and watch as the world changes and develops.  But I’ve learned to survive in both a corporate environment and the “wild”.

And by “wild” I mean the urban/suburban world, the great outdoors, and hostile environments.  You see I’m not just a corporate desk jockey, I’ve also spent 17 combined years in the US Army and Army National Guard with four combat tours to the Middle East while serving as an Infantry officer and non-commissioned officer.  Once upon a time I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout where I developed the foundation for my survival and outdoor skills.

All of this training and life experiences have lead me to a standard corporate cubicle farm and that, to me, is simply not enough.  I strive for greater paths and a freedom that can only be found through the discipline found in surviving amidst all the government shenanigans and big corporate America culture.  People were simply not meant to spend the majority of their time awake sitting behind computers and time away from families.

If you’re still with me, I’m sure you feel the same way.  So onward we go with this journey into the great unknown.  Here we will learn from business professionals, outdoor enthusiast, and survival experts how to improve our quality of life and break down the stereotype that is wasting your life shackled to a desk.

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