The Devolution of Man



The modern man is a shell of what our primal ancestors once were.

The primal man created things with his hands…like fire, structures, and the tribe.  He used his enlarged brain to think and evolve to a higher level of being than his great ape cousins.  The primal man centered his life around the tribe, the greater good.  He didn’t focus solely on his own self gratification.

Today we have become self absorbed isolationist withering away inside of cubicles while pounding away at keyboards.  We do this to get a paycheck to buy stuff and go into debt, so we can work more to get a paycheck to buy stuff…you know the rest of the story.

We eventually accumulate enough “stuff” so we can retire and live in peace for what becomes the most unproductive times of our lives.  We become frail men because we’ve sat behind desks most of our lives.  For most people, this means a rapid decline in health and overall well being.  I have a grandfather who spent most of his life in the US Army then retired as a postman.  He was active, went to work 6 days a week at 5am, then walked his mail route all season.  He ran 3-5 miles 3 times a week then would jump into the river for a swim.  My grandfather was an avid outdoorsman; hunting, fishing, and trapping.  He grew up living off the land, the wild was his supermarket.  When my grandfather retired, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and his health spiraled down to the point where he could barely go outdoors without the aid of a cane or walker.

My point is that when we stop being active, our bodies adapt and begin to decline.

Our inactive lifestyles combined with the emasculation of men has caused our culture to also decline.  Our society has devolved into a me first mentality and the group or tribe is an afterthought.  People would rather spend time behind a computer with virtual friends than being outdoors with real friends or family.  The lack of true social interaction is the inherent problem with the modern man.  He no longer has to assimilate with the tribe or fight as a member of a team or raise strong children.  Instead he “trolls” on social media and wears skinny jeans.  Most modern men cannot build or create with his hands, he can’t appreciate the beauty of a piece of art, or simply love one woman.

The Alpha male was once regarded as the ideal man.  He was the best warrior, the smartest and strongest of the tribe.  He worked and fought, enjoyed leisure time when he could, and was the leader of his tribe.  He created tools through a process called flint knapping creating knives for cutting, scrapers for removing flesh from hides, burins (small, pointed tools) for carving, awls for piercing holes, and points or tips for attaching to spears.  Regarded as one of mans greatest inventions, he learned to make and control fire.  Fire meant he could see in the dark and warn away predators.  Like our modern soldiers on the battlefield, early man owned the night.

Our ancestral societies were composed of a few close families and contained 30 to 40 members.  The family was the nucleus of the tribe.  Without the family, man could not reproduce.  If he couldn’t reproduce, the tribe couldn’t survive.  Sharing food, caring for infants, and building social networks helped our ancestors meet the daily challenges of their environments.  Sharing vital resources with other members of the group led to stronger social  bonds and enhanced the group’s chances of survival.  Around 800,000 years ago our ancestors began gathering around campfires known as hearths which were the modern day social network.  Here ideas and information were shared, tools were invented, and the tribe found safety from predators through a mutual protection from others gathering at the hearth.

Over the course of this blog, I intend to devolve back to our ancestral roots to discover old solutions to new problems.  We’ll discuss wilderness survival techniques, how to protect you and your family (or tribe) from predators both manmade and natural, and modern day hunting and field craft.  We will also provide some tips on taking back your life so the majority of our time awake isn’t spent slaving away behind a keyboard and computer screen during our most productive days.

So please take a moment to leave a comment on what you would like to know more about.  My goal is to be your human guinea pig.  Think of something you’ve always wanted to know more about then we’ll go do it and report back.  But I’m going to challenge you to get out there and try it for yourself.  Don’t be afraid of the unknown, embrace it.

And most importantly, get out there and live a life your future self would be proud of.

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